Newborn Studio Photography Singapore

From: Noah Lee Wen Jun ★★★★★

Very professional, patient and experienced. Even when my 11 day old naked infant peed in the midst of the shoot, they were not flustered and very quickly helped to clean him up and continue with shoot, before putting diapers on for him. Props were aplenty and they were also able to engage my elder 2 year old son to smile and pose for the family shots.

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From:Xiaoqi ★★★★★

(Newborn Home Shoot)

Lesley is very professional. She is very good at handling baby. Our baby cried and become fussy, she could calm the baby very fast to ensure that baby looks good at all the poses. She is well prepared and is patient throughout the whole photoshoot. We had a good experience with her:)

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From:Cheryl & Nicolas ★★★★★

(Newborn Studio Shoot)

Lesley was really professional during the whole photoshoot! From handling the baby to helping us and the baby pose. On top of that, they were very patient when my baby was fussing and still managed to take many amazing photos. It was a delight working with the team!

Newborn Singapore
Maternity Singapore

From: Esther Chua ★★★★★

(Maternity & Newborn Shoot)

We did both our maternity and newborn photo shoots with Mamamiyo photography and we found it to be a most pleasant experience. Lesley suggested many nice poses for the maternity shoot and she was great at getting baby pacified during the newborn photoshoot. Having the newborn photoshoot at our home was also something we really appreciated as baby was still very young then. We loved the photos she took and we are very satisfied with the end product. Lesley is quick to respond to queries and requests and she went the extra mile in editing the photos for us. Thumbs up for Mamamiyo!

Newborn Family Singapore

From:Fione ★★★★★

(Newborn Home Shoot)

Lesley is very professional and my toddler was so comfortable with her! Love her works and will definitely recommend her to friends!

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From: Lin Chuan ★★★★★

(One Year Studio Shoot)

We were attracted to MamaMiyo works and attractive packages through recommendation by friends. Lesley, the main photographer was friendly and prompt in replying to our inquiries. She was thoughtful in her preparation works and accommodating to our requests. In addition, we were able to preview the photos in few days' time which enabled faster processing of the album. Thank you once again!

Newborn Family Singapore
Newborn Family Singapore

From:Lillian Louie ★★★★★

(Newborn Home Shoot)

Lesley is fantastic! Not only was she prepared and speedy with the photo taking, she was amazing at capturing my little one's best side even though she had been crying all morning. She was very flexible and understanding when my 11 day old child needed to feed a few times during the shoot. Turnaround was also very quick! I highly recommend MamaMiyo!

From : Vernice ★★★★★

(Newborn Home Shoot)

I came across Mamamiyo through forums and decided to give it a shot for my twins' newborn shoot a year ago. We had a very pleasant experience. Photographer, Lesley, brought lots of appropriate props to my place to choose from. She was very patient throughout the session.

(Baby Studio Shoot) Now my twins turn 1 and I engaged her again for their 1-year old shoot. Fantastic job, and pics were very nicely taken. Lesley is quick in response and her package price is really attractive. I would definitely recommend Mamamiyo to my friends and other forumers!

From : Qing Yi ★★★★★ (Newborn Home Shoot)

Had a good experience with MamaMiyo Photography, was recommended by my friend. The photos are great and package price is reasonable & attractive. Most important the newborn photoshoot is done at home so we can avoid traveling out when Im still in confinement & baby still so young then. Lesley also help to edit my photos in a very short time span so that it can make it in time for my baby shower invitation. Thank u!

From: Sherlene ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Home)

So happy that we engaged Lesley's services for our maternity shoot. We signed up for the maternity package therefore there was no need to worry about clothes or make up, everything was provided and my make up was done professionally in less than hour. Photo shoot was a breeze as Lesley gave us a lot of space to do what we want. The shoot was completed in less than 2 hours and we love the photos very much. Thank you Lesley!

From: Evelyn Tan ★★★★★ (Newborn Photoshoot - Home)

I signed up the newborn package with mamamiyo. I am very satisfied with the photoshoots taken. Photoshoots are taken at home, so I will not have to worry about travelling to studio especially during confinement period. I was also given a chance to have a few family shoots together with my newborn without additional cost.

From: WeiChen ★★★★★ (Newborn Photoshoot - Home)

Had a great photoshoot with MamaMiyo! Not only was Lesley patient with my cranky baby, she was also creative in her poses and it was fun getting to dress my baby with Lesley's pretty accessories =) Thank you for the great time! :)

From: Michelle ★★★★★ (Baby&Family Photoshoot - Studio)

This is our first family photo shoot and we made the right decision to work with Lesley. Lesley was very friendly, accommodating, and very patient with our seven month old baby who was very cranky that day! She was very professional to work with and the result of the photo shoot is immaculately beautiful. We will definitely work with Lesley again in the near future and we highly recommend MamaMiyo Photography to everyone.

From: Shufen ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Studio)

I am so glad that I had found mamamiyo photography. Was about to skip maternity shots because I am worried on what to wear and how would I look during pregnancy. Happen to chance upon the facebook page, the price range was within budget, provide different types of outfit and make up, and free for hubby/kids to join in the shot, plus a gorgeous and spacious studio for the shoot. I decided within that moment to engage mamamiyo photography. Lesley's service was fastastic, she add a little extra time for the shoot coz my hubby was late. She also helped me in changing to different style of outfits. The whole process was fast and done professionally and best of all, the photos turn out amazingly beautiful. Thumbs up!

From: Esther ★★★★★ (Newborn Photoshoot - Home )

We are very with happy and impressed with all the photos taken by Lesley. Captured our little prince precious moment! Home studio service was good especially with little Adian become fussy during the shoot. Thanks Lesley! :)

From: Anneke ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Studio )

Just had a wonderful maternity photo shoot last week. Lesley was very creative and professional, also was very patient with my distractible toddler. Thank you for the great experience!


From: Lina Kan ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Studio)

在网上找到mamamiyo photography.抱着试试看的态度做了预约,没想到美女摄影师的服务热情周到。了解我想要的摄影风格后,拍摄出的效果出乎我和老公的意料之外,家人和朋友看了都说不错,拍的自然而又有美感,我们非常满意。也为我的孕期留下美好的记忆。非常感谢mamamiyo photography, 也祝愿生意越做越好。


From: Amanda ★★★★★ (Newborn Photoshoot - Home)

Superb services even with a very fussy Adalyn. Affordable and yet of top notch quality. Will be back for toddler's and family photoshoot soon! Highly recommended xoxo

From: Emily Ong ★★★★★ (Newborn Photoshoot - Home)

Thank you much for helping my baby Luke taking his first photoshoot ^_^

Mamamiyo is really gorgeous and friendly. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She came all the way the other end of me, cute custome also! Although baby Luke basically crying throughout the whole session(almost 4hrs), she still manage to capture his cutie moment. Thank u very much ^_^


From: Joey ★★★★★ (Baby & Family Photoshoot - Home)

Just tried MamaMiyo Photography services last saturday at the comfort of our own home which i believe most mommies would find this home service a wise choice especially when dealing with young babies in tow. Lesley managed to capture several happy and cute expressions even though our little one was grouchy and not his usual self. I must say the service was splendid and hassle free as she brought along all the props required single-handedly. Within just a week, we got the samples for selection. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends!

From: Jaslyn Koh ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Studio)

Was searching for a good and affordable photographer for my maternity photoshoot and read good reviews on mamamiyo in one of the forum. Lesly was very prompt and patient in answering to my inquiries and is helpful and meticulous. The photoshoot was done in a short time but the photos turn out great! Samples of the photos were sent to me for selection within few days. Thumbs up for the efficient service. Thanks Lesly and will definitely recommend to my friends :)

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From:Lynette Mok ★★★★★ (Maternity Photoshoot - Studio)

Lesley did a fabulous job with my maternity shoot and I really love it! Sent to my family & good friends and all said I look gorgrous in the photos, so much as they said I'm Fann Wang wannable! I really love the bold colours and concepts Lesley has used in some of the shoot, especially the retro look. At first I thought I look weird, but as I look at it more, I start to love it a lot. Thank you Lesley for creating such wonderful memories for my first pregnancy!


From:Xuejia ★★★★★ (Baby Photoshoot - Home)

My hubby and I are really impressed by all these photos by Lesley. Captured most beautiful moments of my little princess. It looks so natural!

We have pondered if we should take studio photos of Dudu ever since she was born. But mothers of 8 month old babies would know how difficult it can be to take a good photo. Thankfully, Mamamiyo provides the home studio service that came in very handy. Lesley was able to set up the lights and backdrop singlehandedly and I was very impressed at the whole setup. For a moment, I thought my living room has converted into a studio! The end result was so endearing that we decided to print out a large photo of Dudu and put it in the bedroom. I would definitely recommend Lesley to all my friends with babies!